Invented Worlds

Class Mentor Tenchi Morigi
This page is the class Wikispace for Dr. Joe Essid's Eng. 216 class, "Invented Worlds" in Spring 2008. We continue to maintain the space because our work with Second Life and other invented worlds, in fiction, film and cyberspace, is not done.

The links below will take you to major parts of this Wiki. Why a Wiki instead of traditional papers? One reason has to do with the ability of this medium to foster collaboration while permitting students to embed media other than print into their work.

Second, like scholar Albert Rouzie, I'm drawn to play as an often denigrated means for serious learning. As he puts it: "I came up with a term "serio-ludic," to describe what I was seeing in many of the course projects. . . .I found myself particularly drawn to moments that combined playful actions with serious content, where play was integral to effective rhetoric" (Rouzie 1).

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Work Cited:
Rouzie, Albert. At Play in the Fields of Writing: A Serio-Luic Rhetoric. Cressskill, NJ: Hampton, 2005.