It all started when I was a young golden retriever living in my suburban dog house with my two parents and 5 siblings. My name is Paulie, by the way, and I was about one year old when I found out about how terrible the world was. In such a diverse nation, we found ourselves in church sitting with many different breeds of dogs. Even my best friend, Billy, was a Chihuahua. I had a great life, all the wonderful opportunities I had been given by my parents. My dad was a veterinarian, mostly working with humans and my mom was a teacher at my school. I was more than overjoyed when my parents gave me a pet human for Christmas. I named him Chubby, because he was pretty chunky for a baby human. I used to take Chubby everywhere with me and my best friend Billy. We would go to the human park and let Chubby play with the other humans. Chubby used to get really excited when he saw other humans. He used to jump up and down and I would have to bark at him until he sat down. “Good boy”, I would bark, as I tossed him a hot dog.
Me as a young pup
On this particular day in June after coming home from the dog park we sat down for dinner and watched the news like we always did. As a young pup I never really understood all that was going on with the news, but today I noticed that the expression on my parent's faces was very serious. Our president, Pitler, a pit bull, was barking, talking about mutts and saying how we must get rid of all the mutts in the area if we wanted to become the best nation we could be. I did not really know that much about Pitler, I just knew my parents did not like him, so naturally I pretended to hate him as well. My parents were very upset and all of us were confused. They explained to us that Pitler decided he wants to get rid of all the mutts in the nation. I wondered why he would do such a thing. I had many friends that were mutts and they were really fun dogs. My one mutt friend, Tom, even let me borrow 5 bones the other day to buy ice cream after school.
The next day at school we were told that all students would have global positioning systems placed in their paws. We all thought this was strange. The only time we ever used these was on the weekends when our parents needed them to make sure that we weren’t going through the neighbor’s flowers. Why would the government be putting them in all of the young puppies’ paws? I was really disturbed by this. My friend, Laura, who was a mutt herself, ran out of the classroom. After that my teacher, who was a Bernese mountain dog, explained that mutts were not allowed in the classroom anymore. She said that Pitler had decided that mutts were no longer allowed to get an education with the other students. She also said that we should not be associating with any of our friends that were mutts. I was really sad when she said this, and when I got home I cried to my mother who told me it was probably for the best. “Due to the situation that Pitler has created, we would be taken down if we were to help any mutts, do you understand Paulie?”, said my mother. I answered with “I guess”.
I did not see any need for this and one night sneaked out to see my friend Michael, a mutt. We went to the human park and tried to converse with the other dogs. Everyone was staring at us and would not bark at us at all. We knew something was wrong and that maybe we should not have been in public together. Someone whispered, “Don’t they know that Pitler knows they are together?” I then realized that maybe that is why they put the GPS in our paws, so they could know if we were associating with other mutts.
All of a sudden the dog police showed up and as they were driving very fast, Chubby ran in front of the road. What happened next will be engrained in my memory forever. The dog police did not stop and continued to come toward us as they hit Chubby going 180 miles per hour. I ran to Chubby screaming but was stopped by the dog police. They left Chubby on the ground and took me and Michael downtown. My parents were called and we were fined 500 dog bones. My parents were really upset with me that I had gone in public with a mutt. They said they understood that I was friends with Michael and although they disagreed with Pitler, I still could not just go running in public with Michael. As they were talking to me, I wondered where Michael had gone because they hadn’t called his
My friend Michael
parents. He just vanished.
This was possibly one of the worst days of my life. Michael, one of my close friends, was missing and we went back to help Chubby and he was seriously injured. Hysterically crying I ran Chubby to my dad’s office to see if anything could be done. My dad told me slowly that Chubby would have to be put to sleep. The next day we took Chubby to the backyard and had a funeral for him. I remember as a young pup being so incredibly sad, it was unbearable.
For the next 3 years my life, I was sad and depressed all the time. As I grew older, I realized that my mutt friends were being taken away by Pitler. I also did not get a new human because I was restricted from having a human by the government for playing with a mutt. I was so distraught over Chubby’s death, I didn’t think I could have enough love for another human anyways. These 3 years were the worst of my life until one day elections came. Everyone, by now, hated Pitler for what he had done and wanted him out of office. There were some dogs that agreed with him and believed they should save the pure-bred dogs of the nation. The election came and Pitler lost, not by much though. The new president was Will Flinton, a St. Bernard. He completely changed our nation around and allowed mutts to be part of society again. It was amazing how much he turned things around and how qui
Me with my wife, Julie
ckly mutts came back into our society.
A year after he started his term, he cheated on his wife, a St. Bernard herself, with a German Shepard, completely sending the government out of whack once again. He got in a lot of trouble for that as this was not accepted by our community of religious dogs. Bad move by him, but he was still able to create equality for all dogs in our society. As things started coming together, I found some of my old friends, who were mutts, on Dogbook. Dogbook was a social utility internet site that connected dogs around the world. I was so excited to hear from them and we eventually met up and discussed what had happened. I was really sad when I found out my friend Michael had gone to another nation and been killed. He was not supposed to leave the nation, and Pitler knew he had left because of the chip in his foot. Pitler ordered other nations to kill those who tried to escape. I hated Pitler and I will always remember as a child the pain he brought to me and my friends.
Now I am older and I have married a mutt named Julie. We have a much better life now and we have 3 humans of our own. Everyday I think of Chubby and Michael and how much they suffered and I wish I could have helped them. Now in the dog park, all mutts and pure-bred dogs play together and let their humans play with each other too. Hopefully a president like Pitler doesn’t come along again and try to destroy our nation of dogs. We are strong now and there is no discrimination among dogs and we help each other more now than ever.

Amy Van Alstine ~ Best in Show ~ Electronic Identity and Information ~ Future of Darkness