Africa. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa. I was a little dismayed when traveling to South Africa didn't work for my Junior year study abroad last fall. However, I fully intend on making it over to that majestic continent as soon as possible after graduation. Africa has always drawn me. Naturally, I typed "Africa" into the search box on my Second Life map. There was only one hit, so I went for it. Boy is it easy to travel in a cyberworld... so simple compared to over one thousand dollars and excruciating hours of travel time it would take to get to Africa in the real world.

I did some exploring around the "Africa" island in Second Life, and snapped some shots of my adventure. I am a little bit fixated on animals, the more exotic, the better... as animals have been a lifelong passion of mine. However, my first question is WHY is this zebra left floating way up high in mid air.... and I can ride it at the same time. I feel like a delinquent or careless SLer came along and left a very clumsy trace of how unrealistic RL really is. Wild African safari animals are WILD - not tame. But in SL, my avatar was allowed to sit on this warthog (usually a very aggressive animal) without any trouble at all. I walked right up to rhinos, danced with monkeys, stood between a lion and his lioness (they growled a little), was swarmed by rather friendly hummingbirds (buzzing sound of their wings, included), sat on a giraffe at a water hole, inspected a gazelle that was frozen mind "bound," stood under two difference types of elephants, swam around with a mother duck and her three ducklings, and listened to African drums. It was a cute experience, but I am aware that it is not even close to resembling the real continent of Africa, nor will it prepare me for my hopefully upcoming journey. However, these photos all represent some stereotype of the Dark Continent - all exotic, all unique, and all very "African."

I can't wait to discover a new area of the world, a new part of myself. That has certainly been the theme throughout my wikispace: finding yourself, discovering your passion, and following your heart. Hopefully I can plunge into the heart of Africa in order to find my own.

This is my last goodbye and sign off on Second Life. May I always follow the roads less traveled.


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