Against the allmighty gods

The one fact LL is not getting tired to state is their credo "Your world, your imagination". Since LL is often not really saying what they mean I will give you the real meaning of this phrase. If LL would be honest the phrase would have been something like "Our world, your imagination, our rules even though you don´t know them".

SL is currently still something unique in the internet. Other metaverses are being born and tested as you read this but they are all far away from the maturity SL has reached today. This would be a great opportunity to define a quasi standard for metaverses by the architecture of SL. Unfortunately LL gives the long term users the impression of an aimless group of people not actually knowing what they do and slashing at everything unwanted that might pose a thread.

Sounds strange? It actually is, but let me give you an example.
I already wrote about the fact that there have been fraudulent L$ been circulating the grid in summer 2007. LL banned not only the sellers but also imposed fines on the buyers of those L$. As a reaction to this community members asked for a list of trustworthy places to buy L$. So far LL hasn´t published a list like this and the guessing continues.

Earlier in 2007 LL imposed a ban on all gambling in SL accoring to US law. This created an outrage in the community since it also hit people from countries where online gambling is actually legal. Even though LL has established a verification service (which is not working securely enough according to german law) nothing has changed in that case.

Round about the same time LL imposed the doctrine of broadly offensive content. This action was a result towards more and more articles about SL and age play. Linden banned age play (which I think is right when it involves sexual activities) and introduced a new paragraph to the TOS that broadly offensive content will not be tolerated anymore. The community asked the lab to define what is broadly offensive but it was never done. The only hint that was given is that broadly offensive is what a majority defines it as such ... so if we all would define hair as broadly offensive we would run around bald headed in the future?

Additionally in the last half year several other features like voice chat were introduced but at the same time the performance of the systems seemed to notably decrease. The keymetrics state that still 20% of all client sessions crash and from several sources I have heard (and felt myself) that the long known inventory loss bug is still at large.

At that point the idea took form to form an initiative to tell the Lindens once again what they are doing wrong and demand stability in the fields of service as well as TOS. Having to fear that something you are doing is illegal without an actual framework of rules that applies to the actions you take.

The goal of "stability now!" is to achieve just that. So far the success of the initiative remained beyond our expectations. The fact that Phil Linden announced 2008 to be the year of stability and bugfixing drugged the masses back into obedience and silenced most protests.

Yet we think there are several issues that remain unsolved and a group having an eye on the promisses Linden Labs is making cannot be wrong.

You as the users are the main factor on the grid. Without the users Linden Labs is just a skeleton with out creative potential.