The World Around Us

As a species, I believe that humans are always looking to improve our current situation by altering the world around us. As technology advances, these changes will be more and more based on the universe created within the computer. Looking at the advances already made, such as video games and virtual worlds, people are increasingly tuning into these "invented worlds" where they can be anyone or do anything. A great example of the foresight of humans is the movie The Matrix. Humans are constantly plugged into an alternate reality through the use of computers, and are essentially completely immersed in the "bliss" of the world of 1997. Though the human race is at the mercy of evil machines, I believe that this kind of future, where people are matrix_30.jpgplugged into computers or at least very involved with them, will occur. Second Life is a key part to this technological revolution.

By altering the world around us, we as a people are looking for an improvement to our lives. People play video games and log into virtual worlds to better the world around themselves, essentially looking for an escape. This escape from reality drives people in droves to their computers and the internet.

Increasingly the world around us is involved with the internet. It is used to shop, for the news, and now for social networking. Websites like and formed the basis for social networking, and now virtual worlds like Second Life have picked up the slack, providing users with a more interactive experience. All of these factors have influenced the rise of virtual worlds and their prevalence in society.

This increase in the use of technology has its downsides, however. With increased focus on the world inside the machine, the real world around us could become neglected. As we look toward a future where man and machine become ever more intertwined, we can only pray that one day the machine doesn't take over...

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