Alternate Explorations in Second Life

To experience life from behind a computer screen seems rather unfortunate. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience everything firsthand- traveling to foreign countries without incurring debt, wandering into the unknown without fear for safety? Of course, there are people in the world who have the opportunity to disregard the possibility of incurring debt, but I may venture to guess that these lucky persons are not fully appreciative.
What are the rest of us to do? Pretend for a minute (I know, this must be difficult) that your ability to explore the real world is inhibited by things like the necessity of sufficient funds and food. Would not an alternate to such restrictions be nice?
Of course, in this sentence, I place emphasis on the word alternate, for there can hardly be a replacement for experiencing an event with your own eyes, and influencing its outcome directly.
For me, the most interesting aspect of second life is the opportunity it provides for travel to and exploration of places that one would not otherwise get to experience. My adventures in second life thus far are not so different than my real life explorations of the woods. This afternoon, for example, I spent some time walking around a replication of the St. Louis cathedral and Bourbon street in New Orleans. I also located an imitation Stonehenge, which struck my interest in particular, as it fits the emerging theme of this wiki quite well. Stonehenge represents an invented world of the past. The fact that historical artifacts like this exist in second life is appealing not only because it is natural to want to explore the past in a world that is constantly moving forward, but also because it preserves a world of the past for the enjoyment of future generations. After consideration, I have found that this is the primary inspiration for this page, given that we live in a time where the present is quickly becoming the past. After all, I could not explore a world of the past first hand even if I wanted to, for the real world is restricted by time. This, no doubt, is something we all know too well.

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