Eng. 216 Syllabus
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This past summer I had the wonderful experience of working for a day care center in New York. When I first arrived for my interview, they told me of the different activities that would take placHPIM1351-1_(Small).JPGe on an ordinary day. This was not overseeing a group but instead one on one interaction. I believe it was about $20-$40 dollars a day based on a strange criteria - size. This did not include the different activities that you could pay for separately or as part of a special package.
Extras included two hours of supervised playtime a day which was about $15, bottled water was $5, individual book reading was $7, and tender loving care: priceless. There was also a fitness session, a cuddle time, and of course an ice cream break, just to name a few more. It was a great experience working for the rich who wanted only the best care for their precious babies.services_indoor_big.jpg
Oh, I forgot to mention that these pampered babies were dogs and not children. These dogs were treated better than humans in this "alternate world" created for people who love their dogs and wanted them to be treated unlike other animals. The prices and services mentioned are for real - people really paid $7 extra to have a storybook read to their dog!
Thinking of invented worlds, I thought back to this job where the abnormal was created for the happiness of clients knowing their dogs were being given the best world possible. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Dog Heaven" to these dogs about God creating a Heaven for dogs where dogs would eat ice cream and run through unending fields. Oh, but you could eat ice cream biscuits right here on earth at the doggie day care center for the small price of $4 each. The only thing missing at this place were the unending fields and comfy clouds to sleep on. I guess that will be in the "Second Life" version for dogs.

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