Ornate Tombstone at Hollywood Cemetery
Um...time to play with the Wiki I guess. ^-^"
I'm camera deprived at the moment, but I always take a lot of pictures, so let's start there, shall we?

This is one of the pictures I took while up at Hollywood Cemetery. My RA and I went up there early in the first semester. She needed some information for an anthropology class, and I was curious to see the area. Nothing makes for one-on-one time like graveyard photography, right?

I brought along my camera and, cheap little thing that it was, I managed to get some pictures that I liked out of it. This is a shot of one of the more elaborate grave markers that were up there.
There was the odd mouldy, crumbling marker here and there, but most of the tombs were very beautiful. And, as you can see on this one, shiny. I didn't manage to get a shot of it, but there was a small vault that had decorative glass windows, like a sort of miniature church.

These people have passed on from this life onto whatever adventure (I don't know, maybe the afterlife is boring?) lies beyond, and their remains are living in posher surroundings than I am. Does the fear of death make us create an imaginary world around it? I don't mean religion or anything like that. Just all these...trappings?

It almost reminds me of the old Egyptians who tried to pack everything that they needed into the tombs with them. There's a gaping hole where we'd like an explanation about death to go, so a carefully constructed world of stone angels and miniature temples springs up.

Another angle of the same tombstone. I think that this is my favorite marker I saw that day. It was on a high vantage point on the edge of the cemetery. I'm sure that the angel was sculpted to look like it was watching down on the deceased, but its position also meant that it looked down on the city of Richmond.

Something about it wanted to make me get the angel and the city skyline in the same shot, so...that happened --->
The city of the dead and the city of living; too dramatic, I know.

I always had a thing for the whole "ancient Egypt" shtick as a little kid...I guess it never quite wore off. Apart from Arlington, I've never seen a cemetery this big before. With all of the different styles of housing, and the streets running through it, Hollywood really did remind me of a small town.

Hah--I think I've written a bit too much for "playing around". I'll save some other pictures for later. Maybe something a bit less serious?

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