Well, since most of my time away from school involves either working or playing at a golf resort, I figured I could somehow incorporate “invented worlds” with golf into this section.

This is actually where I work. Believe it or not, this is New Jersey
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Since I encounter usually more than 250 golfers on any particular day, I know that most golfers do not come to play for the sake of bettering their scores. They come for the socialization or “getting away from work and family” aspect of it. In either case, golf courses give most people an excuse to relax and forget about the world for four hours or so. Essentially, the 18-hole course becomes a journey within the world of the golfers (complete with a paths and maps). I cannot begin to count how many times I’ve heard “this was the worst round I’ve ever played, but it was still better than being at work.” Perhaps this is why golf has evolved into a billion dollar industry. People are willing to pay $200 a round, a $1000 for clubs and $50 for a dozen balls just so they can escape the stress of their fast paced lives.

Only after a round of gambling and lost balls does reality kick in and you realize that you must pay your debts to your opponent and then tip the kid for cleaning your clubs as well.

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