Driving down the highway coming back from spring break, I went through an EZ-pass and wondered if I had gone too fast through the toll booth. My dad always told me not to go too fast through them because they have all your information through your EZ-pass tag and cameras of course. This also made me think of when my sister went through a red light on the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York. She went over a certain point and the camera took a picture of her license plate. Iassum’m ing it’s something like invisible fence with cars where there is some kind of transmitter that then communicates to the camera and tells it to take a picture; kiezpass.jpgnd of like how invisible fence shocks a dog when it goes past a certain point in the yard.
I then continued my journey through Delaware and Maryland and stopped at a rest stop where I pumped gas for the first time ever. I know, I’m from New Jersey and I never had to pump my own gas until now. I used my credit card to pay for the gas and moved on; very excited to find out that pumping gas is very simple.

My trip made me think of electronic cards like credit cards and objects like EZ-pass that allowed for me to make it to Richmond. I had my EZ-pass paying for my tolls and my credit card paying for gas and food. I thought about how these technologies have allowed for my traveling to be faster and more efficient and also realized the government could control my every move with these electronic identifiers. HPIM2011-1_(Small).JPG
The EZpass has become a major advancement in technology for transportation. It has helped limit congestion by moving traffic along rather than having every one stop to pay tolls and is also very convenient. It is a simple solution to some of the traffic issues that have been a problem in the past. In most states it allows you to go through tolls at 15 mph but the most recent innovation with EZ-pass have been in New York and New Jersey where you don’t have to slow down at all and it just reads your RFID tag as you pass the toll. This can also be used when trying to find cars since it identifies the time in which you were at a certain location making it easier for the government to locate you if necessary. These tags can be placed on and in objects and can also be used in humans and animals.
For example, scientists have used them to study birds migrating. Others have used them to locate animals that are lost. Instead of putting a “Lost Dog” sign up, people will eventually just need to type their dogs Identification number into the computer and find out where he is. jan2007_009_(Small).jpg
Another example of the use of RFID tags inn716155376_2126899_9670_(Small).jpg people is in running races such as marathons where they attach RFID tags to a person’s shoe. They can know exactly when each person hits a certain point in a race. This is also how they detected that a woman cheated in the marathon by taking the subway because the RFID tag did not show certain splits in the race.
As this technology is seen as a very beneficial technology to society, it can also be seen as a threat to privacy in some ways. Especially with EZ-pass, it gives the government access to your location when passing through a toll; the cash lanes do not have access to individual’s cars information. I wonder if this is why Chris Mccantless or Timothy Treadwell ran away from society feeling it was threatening their existence. They wanted to go back to simpler times and be one with nature.
Looking at all the different ways electronic cards have on society makes you wonder why most of the characters we have read about have wanted to drop their identities and allow for no one to control their possessions or themselves. In all these books we have read the characters have been their own authority and have not allowed for the government to control their lives and every transaction they make. Chris Mccandless for example had everything ahead of him in life but still decided to drop everything and lose all contact with people who cared about him. Why did he rid himself of technology? And not allow anyone to locate him or identify him? Maybe if they had had RFID tags in them, he would have been saved instead of dying the wilderness.

With these technologies, there are negatives for instance identity theft. One time I was pick pocketing walking through New York City and within 30 minutes someone had charged over $1200 on my credit card. I searched for my credit card for 30 minutes going from place to place and finally called the credit card company. They told me the time and place of the purchases in the last 30 minutes. Luckily I didn’t get charged for any of the things that this person bought. In this way, it is a positive that the credit card companies of access to all your information so they can protect you and your privacy. Besides credit cards, there are other electronic cards carrying my information. These kinds of cards containing informatio743311_(Small).jpgn like this are used everylegic350_20040108180637_(Small).jpgday now. The Spider Card is a good example of this kind of identification as well. It is used everyday by UR students to get into places around campus, buy food, swipe into the dining hall, etc. All of the information that UR students need to gain access to dorm rooms, the dining hall, vending machines, the gym, and on-campus stores have become plaonecard300_(Small).pngced on this small identification card.
As we see this today, in a decade or so we will see the same things happening; our lives will be placed on electronic cards or objects of identification. The government will come up with more ways of knowing exactly where we are and what we are doing. Just like in “Dogfight” Nance’s parents gave her a chastity lock which gave her parents full control over her physical encounters. Eventually there will be no privacy for anyone and maybe parents will completely be able to control their kids and the government will be able to control adults and know exactly what they’re doing. Maybe we will have to create our own worlds away from society like Chris Mcclandless and Timothy Treadwell to allow for some privacy. We can have a world completely controlled by others and the government and a world by us that is private and no one else knows about.

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