Eng. 216 Syllabus
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The imagination is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Since I was young my imagination has been my biggest source of entertainment. My parents believed, much as I do now, that the greatest toy that a child can have is the imagination. I believe that holds true not just for children but for adults as well. The human imagination gives color and life to our world. Every car that you pass on the street, every building you see in your town, the computer you are using to surf the web, even the internet itself are all products of the human imagination.

The imagination has been put to many uses, some of them very obvious some quite a bit more unnoticed. In this wiki I would like to explore some uses of the imagination from several different categories, the arts and entertainment, pleasure and leisure, and what I like to call the things that make the world turn round. In addition to this I would like to discuss what I call the dissociation of the products of the imagination from the imagination.

Urg The Horrible
Prom of the Dead
Into the Wild Blue
Drax in Second Life
OMG Zombies!