Zoom Zoom.. (photo essay)PIC-0019.jpg Stop your vehicle now!
I am a passionate car guy and a crazy driver who knows about car more than anything else.The first thing that I notice wherever I go, is cars. I have loved them since I was a little child. I was born in an era when cars were popular. Especially in Korea, cars were precious to me, as well as to my family as they allowed as going places and they also left me with fond memories of traveling in cars. I love cars and without driving one or having one, Unlike Christopher McCandless in "Into Wild", I cannot function and do not want to live in a society where there is no car or won't walk down the road unless it is an emergency situation.
For many years, my best hobby was not playing computer games, but it was looking at cars and look into their specs. Many people would think that my hobby would be related to a computer technology because I fix people's computers and know a lot of knowledge about computers. I believe in myself that this passion is in my blood just as Timothy Treadwell loved Grizzly Bears, but my passion is safer and not that crazy compared to his. I do not want to risk my life or at least I can control my enthusiasm.
How crazy am I about cars? Really crazy. MANIAC!!! Like Treadwell wanted to be close to bears, I always want to be close to cars. Since I was young child, I was able to remember cars easier than anything else. When I traveled to different countries, I always looked for cars and amazed by cars that I have never seen before. When I first visited the United States, my father and I both could not stop moving our heads because we were busy looking at different cars because at that time many cars in the United States were not in the Korean Automobile Market. Since then I got into cars greater than before and I was able to distinguish model of cars by year, by looking at headlights or taillights, what kind of packages do they have such as luxury or sports by just looking at wheels. Because of this proud (?) ability, it helps me to distinguish cops cars especially unmarked vehicles. My parents were always amazed by the fact that I knew so much about cars and often told me that if I could remember or do school work like I do with cars, I would Get A's for every subjects. Yes this is true for me. Naturally I can remember cars and computers easier and faster than school work.

This wiki will shows how passionate I am towards cars but some factors that are chaning our lives, which can eventually destroy my passion.

Big gas guzzler= Hummer Someone Help Us