The Invented World or an Identity?

We are studying the invented world: worlds created, imagined, hoped for, and unattainable. What I have come to realize, though, is that the invented world is simply that: invented. And by being an invented thing, the world is an extension of the inventor made into a more understandable code of rules for the inventor. Therefore, the identity of the inventor and how he or she sees themself is a key part of how and why the world is invented. Here, I will be analyzing identities and how the identity of the inventor affects the world the inventor creates.

RPL & RPG: Role Playing Lives and Role Playing Games
I am extremely fascinated by stories: tales of high adventure, fiction of creativity, and the history of friends. Everything has a story; everything has an understanding. When multiple subjects come together, the stories become interesting.

Say my story only has one subject: Bob. (Mostly because Bob is always "that random person.") If Bob's story never interacts with another subject - be it a person, thing, idea, or any other noun - then you have a one word story: Bob. Yet, that is still a story, and one worth investigating. Of course, all stories are filled with thousands upon thousands of subjects, all interacting with each other. Bob threw the stick. The subjects include Bob, the stick he threw, the place where he threw the stick from, the place he threw the stick to, and so on. Numerous amounts of subjects in only a few words. Stories explain, entertain, and educate. They are life in conversation.

I'll be using part of this space mostly to investigate different aspects of stories that are inherently interactive. Role Playing Games (RPG's) are essentially that: interactive stories and storytelling. Besides just games, though, role-playing is an important part of our life and how we interact with others, so I'll be taking a look at that as well.

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