Eng. 216 Syllabus
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Justin's Main Page

Welcome to my Invented Worlds Wikispace! I've divided my page into three sections, which you can visit using the following links:

The Dangers of Virtual Worlds

On this page, I comment on the possible dangers one faces when they are submerged in a virtual world. The topics I discuss range from the obvious risks one takes upon entering a virtual world to the most ridiculous (but feasible) episodes of virtual mischief and misfortune.

The SL Chronicles of Renegade Schwade

This page follows select episodes in the life and times of my Second Life avatar, Renegade Schwade.

Evolution of the Checkout

A photo essay about the payment methods of today and their future outlooks.

Self Reinvention in Virtual Worlds

A final outlook on the role of virtual worlds in our society and in the works of fiction we've studied this semester.


If you know someone who's beginning to neglect their First Life, do them a favor and cut their internet cable (technotuesday.com)