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So I made my first venture into the world known as Second Life. My first experience was meeting a fellow newbie who thought it was necessary to tell me how ugly (he used different terms) my top (shirt) was. "Thanks," I said and asked how to get a different one. I soon learned that there was some lag so the top I thought I was wearing wasn't showing up and I appeared naked. I then asked the stereotypical newbie question... "Excuse me, am I naked?" After I spent nearly 2 hours simply trying to put on clothes and figure out how to get off of orientation island I thought to myself, "that seemed like a complete waste of my time, I don't feel like I really accomplished anything."

This led me to my wiki topic. What will happen to the "real world" (outside of second life) if people continue to become more and more enthralled with the internet and their "second lives?" If people can learn to build a house in SL in only a few hours and are satisfied with that, will they still be interested in learning to build a house in real life? It seems to me that if a person wants to design their own clothes they should learn to sew, buy a sewing machine and fabric, and design their own clothing. In SL anyone can use Microsoft Paint or another program and design clothing in only a few minutes if they really know what they are doing. Will this cause a lag in the fashion industry in real life? Or worse a lag in the "real world" technology industry if people start to devote their hours per day on the computer? So much time spent in a virtual world is bound to have some drawbacks after a while. Some people spend 5 hours per day on SL, if they spent their time doing something else great advancements could be made. Why not read books and learn more about the world that way? I'm not saying that SL doesn't teach people things, but as of now I haven't learned more than social skills.

On the other hand, one could argue that 10 years ago the internet was a place where people spent way too much time. Now it is a place full of places to learn and expand your knowledge. I suppose it is possible that SL will become a place like the internet where people can talk in real time and give and receive information.


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