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Here is the main page of my Wiki (thank you, Captain Obvious).

I've got a lot of funky, revolutionary, and thoughtful ideas to share... but they usually arrive sporadically. Thus, I will have many pages on radically different but intrinsically related topics. They are all 100% Laura Noges. In brief, I am a young woman in college trying to make something of myself and my life in this world. My sites are listed in chronological order, so you'll learn more and more about me as you read on. Enjoy delving into a little bit of my mind.

This is the best life you've ever had, enjoy it!
My main ideas focus on the various ways to find yourself. You can travel the world, sit down and deliberately define your values, try new lifestyles, strive to achieve specific goals, or all of the above. Personally, I tend to back away from virtual living and run with my mouth open, tongue out, toward the great outdoors (the jungle of New York City included). What can I say?! I'm from Washington State where you can be outside 365 days a year with full access to both the mountains and the sea. Overall, during your early 20s is the ideal time to define yourself, discover who you are, and fully engage in life. Take the bull by the horns, go ahead.

There are a lot of different ideas in this wiki, but as I mentioned before, it's all about finding yourself, living a satisfied life, and maintaining balance. (Can you tell I love Eastern philosophy?) There are many things to consider when seeking to define who you are as an individual. Some societies do not even encourage defining yourself AS an individual, but as part of the community. However, being American, I favor achieving independence and allowing yourself to be unique. You'll find wikipages below discussing: how I struggled with initially "losing" myself abroad so that I could start anew (540 Degrees), how different societies choose to spend their time (Second Life vs. Slow Life), and how one can go about creating their own world and defining themselves (Creating YOUR World). Then, I dive into discussing some of the literature of this semester: the darkness of invented worlds - cyberpunk possibilities of the future (A Dark Future), along with the dark side of reality (Spring Break). However, I also put a little bonus into my wiki about the positive, happy-go-lucky ideas of utopias, although I secretly believe man is a little too self-centered to maintain these worlds (You-topias). At last, I wrote a short fiction piece to tie together some ideas about how one's world can be changed so quickly by a few powerful influences like a change of scenery or a person (Short Fiction- Little Miracle).

My wiki also discusses some of my travels in Second Life, relating as best as I could, my real life passions to the cyberworld creating by the Lindens (Adventures of Nyleve Rayna) and (Africa in SL).

What I have to offer:
Laura's main page
540 Degrees
Slow Life vs. Second Life
Creating YOUR World
A Dark Future- Snow Crash and the Matrix
Spring Break- The Invented World of College Kids
Short Fiction- Little Miracle
Adventures of Nyleve Rayna
Africa in SL

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