"We are what we make of ourselves"...an overused saying that has come to sum up my experiences in and out of Second Life.

While I am not a philosopher, self-help expert, or guru of any type I am an extra-ordinary undergraduate student who does the same things that you do; I just look at things in a different way. I look at the impossible and see a loop-hole, rip through the fancy wrapping and bows to reveal the juicy insides, and never substitute sugar-free for the real thing. My personal experiences weave through my analysis of the texts studied in our course and unavoidably influence the experiences that I choose to participate in while in Second Life. My avatar, Mongolia Ember, will help to guide you through the virtual world, while I, Lauren Lewis, will help to guide you through the real-world. Together, the two will develop a perspective on life which tends to sleep on the cool side of the pillow.

Roaming wild ponies greeted me as I layed on the beach at Assateague National Seashore last summer; this experience taught me that wild ponies can be friendly, but fierce as I found when one tried to kick down my shower stall in the middle of the night. Hence: do not frolic with wild animals. More pearls to come...


A Great Enough Life
Eternal Sunshine of a Metaverse Explorer
Virtual Vacation
American Beauty

Eng. 216 Syllabus
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