Situated between India and China, Nepal is the home of eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world, each over 8000m, which includes Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Its natural beauty further extends to hills that surround the valleys, the rivers that originate from the glaciers and the snow fed lakes, and the greenery that makes the country one of the greenest place in the earth. The beauty of Nepal has attracted many tourist over the years and continues to do so. And, Why not?

Mt. Everest


Doesn’t the picture or the fact of having eight mountains make Nepal beautiful? Doesn’t i
t make one want to go to visit the country. If I was unknown to the place and I was looking at the picture for the first time I would definitely be attracted towards the place and at least consider visiting it. I once had a chance to talk to a foreigner who recently hiked in the region of Solukhumbu. I started talking to him about his hike, providing him general information about the country. I was caught off guard by his knowledge of Nepal; he knew more than I did about mountains and trekking. I asked him where he got all the information from and in reply, he told me he was looking for a place to go hiking and trekking. His search led him to a Website

The Website today looks vastly different from the time I checked. Today, this particular website presents Nepal as a heavenly place full of natural beauty. To find out more information, he talked to a representative from a tourist firm from Kohinoor Travels. After a brief talk with him, I visited the Website , and I was surprised to see what it had in store for me.

“Many people dream of coming to explore Nepal but don't know where to begin. All you need is the desire to come see Nepal, we'll help you with the rest.”

The following sentence is taken from the website of Kohinoor travels. The website mainly focuses on how a person cannot find a better place than Nepal to trek, and how they are going to make it easy for them to trek. I started talking to him about my experience hiking and the I way I feel while doing so. He joined me in the conversation and started talking about how he returns to Nepal to get the feel of the country. “I don’t know why but I feel amazing being in this place. I feel like I am close to nature.” These were his words when he described his experience to me. What made him like Nepal so much?

I like being in Nepal better than any other place because I have created my own world like Christopher McCandless did. Chris created a new world within the world where he could feel close to nature and where he was comfortable. Like him, I had created a world in Nepal, where I was comfortable living. A valley surrounded by hills and people who grew up in the same culture as I did were some essential parts of my world. These, however, weren’t essential to Chris. It was his desire to live in a world of his that mattered the most. Like Chris and myself, the hike has created his own purpose or own world in Nepal; a world where hiking, trekking and observing the beauty matter the most.

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