Prelude to madness

Dare to be different
When the Iggster (the correct avatarian term for Prof. Essid) first approached me to help him in this project I was intrigued. Being a college drop out I pretty much know how boring frontal classes can be and this alternative approach with the usage of modern media immediately caught my interest.
This is on the one hand good for you since I one of the nice oldtimers of SL which like to help people on their way to understand the grid but on the other hand its pretty bad for you since Iggy recruited one of the strangest nutcases in SL. What do I mean with that? Well you will know once you have met me for the second time inworld.

Since I am located in Germany your best chance to get in touch will be in the mornings. You might have a slight chance to meet me in the afternoon or evenings but these are rare occasions and I am usually busy with one thing or another, so please don´t be disappointed if I do not react at once or none at all.

Nevertheless I wanted to give the curious ones of you the chance to get to know me and have a view into my Second Life which might give you some ideas and inspirations for your work. Feel free to discuss my ideas and opinions (which I will surely do with yours) and set up some creative crossfire.

Take Care everyone


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