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I am a freshman at the University of Richmond. I stay in a dorm on campus, but my actual house is relatively close by. In fact, it took me longer to get to my high school than it does to get to the university. My favorite hobby is playing video games, which I do almost daily. Xbox 360 is my favorite console, but I own or have played many of the other consoles. I do enjoy a good single player game, but I also spend time playing competitive games, such as Halo 3, with my friends. I also have begun to watch a lot of movies, especially older ones.

This Wikispace will analyze the differences between Second Life and other forms of invented worlds as can be found in video games and movies. I decided to take the Invented Worlds class after my core teacher, Professor Essid, told my class about it. The fact that we would get to use Second Life really appealed to me because I had read a lot about it in the past and wanted to try it out for myself. Also, the topic of invented worlds just sounds a lot more fun compared to other courses that I could have taken.

Invented Worlds can be found almost any where in my opinion. People create worlds for themselves, just as we have been observing with Into the Wild and Grizzly Man. Many movies and video games are basically invented worlds. Take the Xbox 360 game Mass Effect for example. The whole game is an invented galaxy that contains many made up worlds and many other things, such as alien species. The player gets to experience this invented world threw advancements in technology that allow people to make games like this one.

I just watched The Road Warrior the other week and I believe this is also a good example of an invented world in movies. The post-apocalyptic setting does seem possible with the way gas is today, but as of now the world is not like that as we know it. Through watching the action of the movie, one can get a feeling as to how things might be if the world was indeed like it is in the movie.

The difference I can find in movies and video games compared to stories like that of Chris McCandless is that in these forms of media, one just gets sort of a "vision" of what it would be like if the real world were to become like the invented world. McCandless, however, did not simply get a "vision," but was actually participating in a world that felt more real than invented to him.

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